E20-585 試験復習赤本 - E20-585 日本語対策 - 最高のNSCAのCSCS 復習時間試験対策材料を無料でダウンロード

NEW QUESTION: 1What is a recommended best practice when implementing the Dell EMC Data Domain VTLfeature?A. Do not use persistent bindingB. Enable Multiplexing/ParallelismC. Three fabric hop limitD. Switch encryptionAnswer: AE20-585 体験Explanation:Configure VTL access group and bind the initiator and target.Discover and configure VTL on the hosts Etc.Note: VTL - Virtual Tape Library.NEW QUESTION: 2What is the default compression type of the active tier after Extended Retention has beenenabled on a Dell EMC Data Domain system?A. gzfastB. gzC. No compressionD. lzAnswer: BE20-585 市販本E20-585 ソフトウエアExplanation:The Configuration Tablets you configure your system.Selecting the Options Edit button displays the Modify Settings dialog, where you can change LocalCompression Type [options are none, lz (the default), gz, and gzfast] and Retention Tier LocalComp(ression) [options are none, lz, gz (the default), and gzfast], as well as enable Report ReplicaWritable.Refer

ences:Dell EMC Data Domain Operating System Version 6.1, Administration Guide, page 479NEW QUESTION: 3Which functionality is recommended by Dell EMC to be disabled on backup software whenconfiguring Dell EMC Data Domain VTL?A. MultiplexingB. Target SessionC. MultithreadingD. ParallelismAnswer: AE20-585 教本Explanation:Multiplexing, compression, and encryption of backup data were introduced to provide readparallelism as well as enhanced security and performance during backups. Backing up to a DataDomain system is inherently more secure than tape, and does not suffer performance degradationdue to slow backup streams. Thus the recommendation is to disable any of these features when usinga Data Domain system as the target for RMAN.References:https://community.emc.com/docs/DOC-35348NEW QUESTION: 4In a Dell EMC Data Domain CIFS backup environment, the following error message is used:"Write failure in writing to client xxx, Error connection reset by peer".Which action could resolve t

he issue?A. On the Data Domain system, configure the CIFS authentication mode for Active Directory.B. Upgrade Microsoft Windows to the latest version.C. Increase the Microsoft Windows registry value SESSTIMEOUT from the default to 3600 secondsD. On the Data Domain system, configure the CIFS authentication mode for Workgroupauthentication.Answer: CE20-585 範囲Explanation:Windows 2008 Session Timeout ParametersSYMPTOMSCIFS request timeout messages in log/debug/cifs/clients.log:write_data: write failure in writing to client Connection reset by peer Error writing 61503 bytes to clientfor cmd 0x2e mid 0x4c58. -1.(Connection reset by peer) Failed to send SMB: cmd 46 mid 19544 APPLIES TO: All Data Domainsystems, All Software Releases SOLUTION Increase the CIFS request timeout on the client (Windows2008 server) by changing the registry parameters under the keyHKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\System\CurrentControlSet\Services\LanmanWorkStation\Param eters.References:https://community.e


ShikenpassはIT認定試験を受験した多くの人々を助けました。また、受験生からいろいろな良い評価を得ています。ShikenpassのE20-585 試験復習赤本問題集の合格率が100%に達することも数え切れない受験生に証明された事実です。もし試験の準備をするために大変を感じているとしたら、ぜひShikenpassのE20-585 試験復習赤本問題集を見逃さないでください。これは試験の準備をするために非常に効率的なツールですから。この問題集はあなたが少ない労力で最高の結果を取得することができます。

多くの人々はEMCのE20-585 試験復習赤本試験に合格できるのは難しいことであると思っています。この悩みに対して、我々社ShikenpassはEMCのE20-585 試験復習赤本試験に準備するあなたに専門的なヘルプを与えられます。弊社のEMCのE20-585 試験復習赤本練習問題を利用したら、あなたは気楽に勉強するだけではなく、順調に試験に合格します。

試験番号:E20-585試験科目:「Specialist - Systems Administrator, Data Domain Exam」一年間無料で問題集をアップデートするサービスを提供いたします最近更新時間:2018-07-09問題と解答:全66問 E20-585 関連合格問題

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